Palmer’s Cafe first started serving food in Bend over 30 years ago. Since that time, we’ve become a cornerstone of Bend’s breakfast and lunch scene. As Jared Rasic so eloquently wrote in his Source Weekly article, dated June 04, 2014:

Palmer’s menu dips satisfyingly deep into the “comfort food” spectrum without acquiring the sometimes negative connotations of being a “greasy spoon.” At first, the food might seem simple; if so, it is deceptively so. The Todd Lake Omelet is a plate-sized beauty filled to explosion with lightly grilled chicken, chunks of flawlessly prepared bacon, mushrooms, cream cheese and delectably fresh avocado and topped with green onions and more jack cheese than I thought humanly possible. Selections like this, the sinfully delicious Blueberry Banana Nut French Toast, the massively mouth watering breakfast burrito and the best damn chicken fried steak in town, makes Palmer’s a destination breakfast spot.

Palmer’s Cafe not only serves a delicious breakfast and lunch, but we are now serving mouth watering cocktails too. Don’t take our word for it. Come in today and judge for yourself!